The internet went into overdrive after Chrissy Teigen was spotted looking less-than-pleased when a camera panned to her during the live broadcast of the 88th Academy Awards.

In the shot Chrissy is seen grimacing and raising her eyebrows.

It happened while Sarah Silverman was on stage and commenters were soon wondering whether there was an issue between the two women.

But Teigen was quick to point out that she was NOT reacting to Sarah, she was simply still baffled by the previous segment, which saw Stacey Dash appear on stage to wish the audience a “Happy Black History Month.”

What confused people about her ten second appearance was that earlier this year Dash said Black History Month should be abolished…


Dash delivered her line to near silence and exited the stage without an applause. It’s since been labeled the most awkward moment of the ceremony, so awkward that Chrissy was still pulling faces about it well into the next segment!