Chris Noth, or ‘Mr. Big’ as he’s best known is one fancy guy.

He’s got a list of TV and movie work behind him that’ll blow your mind – and the saucy, sophisticated demeanour to back it – so when he came on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning, we knew it’d be great.

We spoke to him about the Kristin Davis skit on SUNRISE that made headlines around the world, when the hosts got her to take part in a cringy Sex and the City reenactment.

Specifically, the ‘Burger break-up scene’.

What did he have to say?


“I feel bad for her, she’s famous for the show, which gets attention to all these good causes she’s doing. It’s a touch one.”


“I would say, never lose an opportunity to just shut up – so I may take that advice right now.”

I don’t know who that’s directed to, but perhaps all producers will think twice about the segments they plan for celebrities.


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