Video footage of a chiropractor cracking the back of a four day old baby who suffers from colic has caused a stir online.

What do you think? 

The chiropractor insists that it can help sufferers of colic and asthma but people have been quick to criticise the procedure on such a young baby.

Just hearing the cry after the contact shows just how much pain the newborn was put through.  

“When you see the patients returned with these children, they always report that the child is just so much more comfortable, they sleep so much better, they eat so much better,” the chiropractor insists.

But the President of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Frank Jones, told MailOnline that the treatment is ‘cruel’ and the benefits unfounded. 


“Well I think that this is an unnecessary and seemingly almost cruel process that there is actually no evidence to support,” Dr Jones told MailOnline.

“Why would you ever ever do that?” Jones said.

“It should not be advertised, it should not be practiced.

“There is actually no evidence whatsoever that manipulating the spine makes any difference to things such as colic or asthma.”

Where do you sit in the debate? 

Does the chance of reducing the signs of colic outweigh the short term pain for the baby or should such a procedure not be performed without evidence that it makes a true difference? 

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