It is finally confirmed!

After rumours have been circulating for months, we finally know that Lara Worthington (Bingle) is pregnant with her second child. 

It seems a 12 page spread in In Style Magazine was too good an offer to refuse to share the good news and make the announcement. 

Lara and her husband Sam Worthington had previously stated that any baby news would be kept just between them and close family and friends. 

“I had a great pregnancy with Rocket and touch wood it will be the same this time,” she said.


“I don’t really get morning sickness but I do have to eat consistently to keep my energy up. ”

While we are not 100% sure how far along Lara is, it is speculated that she would be in her fifth or sixth month. 

“I’m sure it might seem full-on at the beginning for me (having two children so close in age), and it’s probably a lot harder than it is now, but when they get older they can share their life together,” the model told In Style Magazine.

“I have a brother and Sam has a sister so it’s nice when someone always has your back.”

The new sibling will be the second child for the couple, who also have 15 month old Rocket Zot. 

Congratulations to the couple! 

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