In a matchup that we can’t understand but also can’t get enough of, Cardi B has teamed up once again with Pepsi for a hilarious commercial following their Superbowl collaboration earlier this year.

Rhyming the tragic backstory of how a young Cardi B didn’t get gifts from Santa after making it on the naughty list, Cardi is determined to “give the gift we all walk, the gift sweeter than honey. I’ll find a way to give everyone — money.”

The ad then transitions to a live action sequence of Cardi B managing her “Twerk Shop” to the tune of “Here Comes Cardi B”, a cannibalised version of “Here Comes Santa Claus”. After checking the warehouse, where she suggests an elf use “less hands and more hips” to dance and ensuring her custom bills with her face on them are okurrrr, the rapper hops in her whip with cases of Pepsi and flies off to deliver it all.

“I was excited because it’s like Christmas themed and you know, who doesn’t get excited to do Christmas stuff,” she told PEOPLE. “I was like, ‘Aw it’s going to be extravagant! I can’t wait!'”

The promotion is exclusive to the US so sadly you won’t be able to get the Cardi Cheer over here, but we’re just happy we get to see Cardi dunking on Santa Claus.

As for Cardi’s own holiday plans, she said that she wants to keep it low-key this year. “I’m going to Atlanta,” she said of heading to her husband’s hometown for Thanksgiving. “I spend it with Offset‘s family. A lot of open space down there, so I can’t wait.”


The commercial comes just a couple of days after Cardi dropped a freestyle video on her Insta to tide her fans over until she finishes her new album.

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