Do you love a puzzle? An illusion?

Yeah, me too.

I was borderline obsessed with Where’s Wally as a kid.

It seems the rest of the world is right there with me.

This image of a sea of snowmen is currently going viral, with people scratching their heads as they attempt to spot the panda in the mix.

It can’t be hard right?

I mean a PANDA and a SNOWMAN are very different to look at.


Well, it is…

Take a look and see if you can see for yourself…

Still can’t see it?

Okay, here’s a hint for you…


Are you sure you want to give up just yet?

I can wait…

I don’t want you to feel defeated…


It’s JUST a game.

Take your time with it.

Oh okay, wow – don’t get angry.


I’ll tell you OKAY?!

See the snowman with the black hat on? Good. Now take your eyes up and slightly to the left three heads.


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