Introducing the latest viral online puzzle to leave you feeling frustrated! 

From optical illusions to ‘can you see’ this clever image of a jungle has GOT to be the most difficult.

In the image above, it may seem at first that there are just four tigers to be seen… however there are actually 16 big cats hiding in the background. 

Look closely… the felines are hiding in the bushes, bark and even the sky. 

As you can now see, in the foliage to the right of the tigers, there’s a fern in the shape of a tiger’s face, with two hiding in the dirt beneath the tigers’ feet. 

In the top of the picture, there are five feline faces hidden within the branches of the trees. 


Then there are also another two in the wide trunk of the tree on the left of the picture and another tiger is face is seen on the left behind it.

The last tiger is hidden in the soil below. 

How did you go?

Daily Mail 

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