Have you ever watched a popcorn machine in action and were mesmerized by all the kernels gloriously popping into little clouds of edible puff? Or stood in front of the microwave, just to hear the sound, waiting til the end to see if there were any more just like you were watching fireworks?

Well that amazing feeling of anticipation and satisfaction just got even better!

The editors at Cosmopolitan have discovered that you can pop popcorn with a hair straightener! Watch the video of them demonstrating it above, the glorious bit happens at 18secs in.

They also highly recommend you try it yourself!.. “the anticipation of waiting and wondering when this tiny kernel was going to turn into a delicious little popcorn bite was worth it. It was a solid 8 on a scale of 1 to waiting for Beyoncé to perform”.

Of course, you’ll be there for quite a while if you’re trying to prepare a whole bowl before sitting down on the couch for a movie, but that’s not the point!

We’re definitely going to try this one ourselves!


Source: Cosmoplitan.com

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