If you tuned into Married At First Sight last night… a lot of weird stuff happened.

From meeting the two goofiest men in Australia to interpretive dance and some strange foot-clapping honeymoon scene to a fully grown man never having heard of things like Salmon and Kiwi Fruit?!

Russell, now married to psychologist Beth, was absolutely BAFFLED when he was served a fillet of salmon at his wedding having absolutely no clue what it was.

He proceeded to be equally as baffled when Beth held up a Kiwi to him on their honeymoon, stating the country folk don’t eat the ‘exotic’ fruits.

Is a kiwi fruit…exotic though? Maybe it’s my awful city-slicker attitude clouding my judgement but I thought Kiwis were part of the standard fruit category.


So here’s my question for anyone that lives in the country, maybe in South Australia… not eat salmon and kiwi fruit?

It’s a genuine question.