With Easter just around the corner (well not really… we’re only just getting past Christmas) stores are beginning to stock their shelves with some of our festive favourites. However it seems one favourite has returned looking a little slimmer than before! 

Chocolate Kings, Cadbury, have attempted to quietly reduce the size of the much loved Creme Egg packs, without however lowering prices! The previously sold 6 Creme Eggs per pack has been dispatched this season from their UK arm with only 5 eggs present!

The ever clever consumers have noticed this shift and can’t help but voice their disappointment all over social media. We will have to wait and see if this change makes it’s way down to Australian markets. 

Changes such as this have been seen multiple times before and the reason these big brands can get away with it is due to our unfortunate consumer despair. Lets be honest, most people will now buy the lesser amount of eggs for the same price, because 5 eggs is better than no eggs at all.



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