Will he ever learn? 

Less than a month after being involved in a fatal car accident, Bruce Jenner has been spotted driving his Porsche while talking on the phone. 

Despite authorities currently mulling over whether to prosecute him for his previous involvement in the car crash that left one woman dead, photos have again surfaced of him with his mobile pressed to his ear while on the roads of LA.

Apparently this isn’t the first time he has been spotted talking on the phone without a hands-free device – which is illegal in Los Angeles – first spotted just THREE DAYS after the crash!

According to TMZ it was looking unlikely that Jenner would face severe consequences for his involvement in the February 7 crash in Malibu – and part of that ruling was due to the fact that he was not using his phone at the time. 


‘There are a variety of factors. He was not under the influence. He was not speeding. He was not texting,’ law enforcement officials told TMZ.

If we were Jenner we wouldn’t be so indifferent about using our phone while driving – you know, aside from the fact that it is DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL!

Come on Jenner! We’re pretty sure your two door Porsche with the red trim has Bluetooth! 

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