He might not have finished off the job of The Bachelor, choosing to pick none of the girls in the series finale episode, but Channel 10 certainly didn’t cheap out on Nick Cummins.

While he didn’t walk away with a girlfriend, it appears that Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins did leave the Bachelor mansion with a major addition to his bank account.

According to a new interview with the Badger’s former flame from the series Brooke Blurton on the Shameless In Conversation podcast, Nick was paid far more to take on the gig than originally speculated.


While it was thought that the rugby star signed on for $250,000, Brooke was under the impression that it was about DOUBLE that!

“I think it was a bit more, I think it was half a mill maybe,” she told hosts of the podcast Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews.

Yep no biggie. Just a cool half a mill to waste the ALL OF AUSTRALIA’S TIME!!

If Brooke’s claims are correct, this would make Nick the highest paid leading man or woman in Bachie franchise history.

Sophie Monk reportedly fetched $300,000 for her time as The Bachelorette while the same year it’s thought that Matty J received $200,000.

This is in comparison to the slim pickings that the actual contestants receive, with a source revealing last year that they were paid less than $100 a day during filming.


Network 10 haven’t commented on the claims.

This isn’t the first time that Brooke has dropped a bombshell on The Honey Badger. During her time on Bachelor In Paradise she revealed that Nick actually planned to pick no one the whole time.

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