The Kyle and Jackie O show crossed over to the Jenner camp in Hollywood to chat with musician Brandon Jenner.

While he spoke to us about his latest music ventures, we also had a chat about his other family members, including his younger brother Brody Jenner, who’s name has been in the tabloid quite a bit lately.

Not only is Brody starring in The Hills: New Beginnings reboot and dealing with the break down of his own marriage, but he’s also connected to the Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth breakup after his ex Kaitlynn Carter was spotted kissing Miley.

We decided to ask Brandon about this recent drama on air this morning to see how Brody is coping with it all.

Brandon was explaining to us that he’s appeared on a couple of time on The Hills with his brother this season whenever Brody needs to seek some advice.

“I did show up and do a couple of film and stuff with my brother,” Brandon explained. “He kind of comes to me for advice in real life and so the TV show, they kind of wanted to replicate some of that.”

Kyle then asked whether some of this advice had related to Brody’s ex Kaitlynn Carter and her salacious holiday in Italy with Miley Cyrus.


“What did Brody say to you about his Mrs and Miley?” Kyle asked.

Brandon told us that they did speak about it, however, he made a promise to keep that information private.

“He didn’t say much to be honest. We did talk about it but you know he confides in me and he knows, one of the reason he confides in me is because he knows that I’m going to keep things private,” Brandon said.

“So I’ll just continue to do that today, but you know, he did talk to me a little bit about it.”

In case you need a refresher, Kaitlynn Carter was recently spotted kissing Miley Cyrus in Italy just before it was confirmed that Miley and Liam Hemsworth had split.


Brody has since commented on the incident on his Instagram account, asking for people to stop being negative towards Kaitlynn.

Hear more from our chat with Brandon Jenner in the video above.

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