Victorians have awoken this morning to a range of eased restrictions across the state, including big changes to when and where face masks are mandatory.

To better explain the shifts in restrictions, Premier Daniel Andrews used an analogy that we reckon every self-respecting Aussie should understand.

A trip to Bunnings.

Dan took to Twitter to explain when you need to wear your mask if you’re out on a trip to Bunnings. If you’re inside of Bunnings you wear a mask, in the carpark, no mask unless you can’t keep 1.5 metres apart from others.

Good analogy. Easy to understand, well done, Dan. He then ended the tweet by writing “Onions = on top of the sausage … I can’t be clearer than that”.


And with that at least, Mr Andrews, you have our unwavering support.

However, it was the response from the most senior member of Victorian health authorities that gave us pause. Chief health officer Dr Brett Sutton weighed in to not only muddy the waters around Bunnings snags’ onions, but also raised some very unnerving questions.

Prof Sutton tweeted back at the Premier: “Mask = above nose. Onion = below sausage. Obvs.”

“Obvs”??? There could not be a more divisive issue in Bunnings car parks, Brett, it is not “obvs”.


This is exactly what people talk about when they complain about unclear messaging from our leaders! (At least, we assume they’re complaining about Bunnings’ snag policies).

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