Looks like the recession hit Freddo the hardest, for the first time in his life he’s had to get a real job.

Kind of…

For Freddo’s 90th birthday, Cadbury has launched these ‘themed’ Freddos that are stuffed with candies in his belly!

There’s an underwater Freddo stuffed with dolphin shaped lollies and a space Freddo busting with star shaped candies.

As fun and adorable as they are, why is a small frog out there chowing down dolphins?


Why Freddo? WHY.

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Hello, what do we have here? Freddo bringing out a hollow confection with untold goodies inside? A competitor for the kinder surprise and Yowie?! I will admit I was skeptical as to the very vague mention of ‘candy’ inside. What does that mean? What should I expect?! Do I already know and love this candy? Spoiler alert: No. No I don’t. Undressing this little guy, I will admit I was disappointed about how small it was. For the price you’d expect more, but I digress. There’s the normal Cadbury freddo we all know and love. I bit his head off, (similarly to Easter bunnies actually), peer inside and…it looks like small pieces of confetti. I peer closer and…yep, it appears as though these are small hard candies in the shape of…marine life? Very not what I expected. Chuck a bunch (read: almost all) of them in my mouth to find they kind of taste like, well…nothing. Right at the end there’s some vague sweet flavour but I feel like I just ingested a bunch of chemicals. It was the type of disappointment where you sit and ponder how you got to this point in your life. Chocolate was still good though? 0.93/5 happy dances. It only got that high because of the chocolate. #freddo #chocolate #freddofrog #snacks #delicious #snackblogger #instafoodie #foodblogger #foodblog #new #snackreview #review #foodreview #foodreviewer #snacklife #australiansnack

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Cadbury is planning to announce future themed froggies so maybe we’ll get an office worker Freddo full of pencils?

Until then, the stuffed Freddos are available at most confectionary aisles in our local grocery stores for $2.50!

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