Remember that time John Travolta tried to pronounce Idina Menzel’s name?

Just in case you answered no, here it is to help refresh your mind (trust us, it’s well worth a watch).

Well it seems it all could have been avoided if only Travolta had spoken to Brad Pitt first.

For anyone who struggles to remember names – let alone remember how to pronounce them – our favourite Hollywood hunk is to the rescue with this fool-proof method.

While presenting the award for Breakthrough Performance at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Pitt had the pleasure of presenting Selma actor, David Oyelowo, with the title.

It could have very quickly gone down the road of Travolta’s infamous gaff (tried pronouncing Oyelowo?), lucky for Brad he had a plan.


Acknowledging on stage the real question everyone wanted to know was “how the hell do you pronounce his name”, the Fury star responded with a song.

Yep, you read that right.

But don’t let us spoil it all for you, watch his interesting technique (and one of our favourite award presentations) below…

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