It was a whirlwind romance that everyone pegged as the kind of unconventional fairytale.

I mean, you don’t necessarily picture your happy ending starting on a dating show with your Prince proposing to another woman a few months earlier.

However, that is how Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge’s romance started, and to be honest, once their love was made public, it all seemed like smooth sailing.

After placing as second runner up in the race for his love, Louise watched on as Blake proposed to Sam Frost on bended knee. Then, the thinkable happened.

Blake realised he’d made a mistake. He actually loved Louise and so began making the painful realisation a reality. Louise packed up her things and made the move from Brisbane to Perth.

Now, 18 months later the pair have reportedly called it quits.


They spoke to Kyle and Jackie O this morning to discuss what caused the split.

“We’re good friends, we’ve always had an amazing friendship.”

Blake also explained that the reports that came through weren’t the be all and end all, but it certainly didn’t help.

When Kyle and Jackie O spoke about the reason they went to New Idea, Blake answered, “Can you imagine if we didn’t? They think we’re hiding something.”


Louise also mentioned the fact that she felt she wasn’t always able to celebrate their love.

Because it would always turn into a negative because of the past.

“When you’re trying to move forward, it’s hard to keep on being reminded about what happened.”

Then they spoke about how the split came about, “We’ve been in counselling for 3 months so when Blake brought it up it was a mutual decision.


“I was just sad. You think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this person.”

They also had something to say about Laurina’s comments that they were milking every last drop of publicity.

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