Australia’s sweetheart, Bindi Irwin, is fast-approaching her 18th birthday but she just made the strangest confession during a radio interview this morning.

On Kyle and Jackie O she admitted that not only has she never had alcohol before (good girl), but she’d never even drank Coca-cola before!
“Have you ever had alcohol before?” asked Jackie O.

“I haven’t,” replied the Wildlife Warrior.

“I am so wild that I haven’t even had Coca-Cola before. Can you believe that? I wanted to see how long I can go without it.”

Although she admitted she might try some of the sugary soft drink on her birthday in July.

“I might have some Coca-Cola on my 18th but I’m gonna see,” she said, “I’m gonna see if I’m that crazy.

“My mum always says, ‘I look at you and it’s like I’ve trapped this 86-year-old inside a 17-year-old’s body’.”


Bindi, who won the U.S version of Dancing With The Stars, also spoke out about her mum Terri’s “mystery man”…

“That’s really funny,” laughed Bindi.

“No, mum read that article and went, ‘Wow, he’s so mysterious that I didn’t even know about it’.”

Bindi is skeptical about whether her mum will find another man to marry.

“It’s amazing because my mum is still absolutely married to my dad,” Bindi said.

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