We’ve all had to find new ways of connecting with our family and friends during the coronavirus pandemic, but not everyone is having the best luck with it!

In fact, one mega star has proved that he really is just like every other dad struggling with technology while trying to stay in touch with his kids while they’re stuck in quarantine.

Turns out Billy Ray Cyrus isn’t really a tech-head and he’s been having a whole lot of trouble with the world of FaceTime. And like most kids, his daughter is having a whole load of fun teasing him about it.

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Billy Ray’s daughter Noah Cyrus joined KIIS FM’s Mitch to Midnight this week when she revealed that her dad only just bought his first iPhone so that he could use the FaceTime app.

But that’s literally all he uses his new device for! According to Noah, her dad still uses his old Blackberry while only using the one app on his iPhone to video call his family.


“My dad has had a Blackberry, well since Blackberries,” Noah said. “He just got his iPhone, we sent him the iPhone with the FaceTime thing on the front page so that’s the only thing he knows and still uses his Blackberry, but he uses his FaceTime for that.

“So he asks me, ‘Hey do you have your FaceTime on ya?’ and I’m like, ‘Yes dad, it’s part of my phone’. And so he’ll have me call his FaceTime.”

Noah explained that not only was it difficult to try and get her dad to understand how to use FaceTime, but when he is using it he sometimes gets motion sickness!

“The only thing you can’t do with my dad on FaceTime is you can’t move around or he’ll get nauseous,” Noah told us.


“Oh my god, so you Dad has to sit down while he FaceTimes?” Mitch asked.

“He sits down and if I carry my phone around he goes, ‘Oh my gosh! I’m getting nauseous’ and he’ll freak out,” Noah replied.

Poor Billy Ray! But we’re sure he’s not alone in the technology-challenged boat, especially during this time when we’ve become much more reliant on it.

Hear more from our chat with Noah Cyrus in the podcast below!

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