Billie Eilish recently revealed some unknown facts about herself (what teenager’s never eaten a Pop Tart!?) during a recent episode of “The Noisey Questionnaire of Life.” During the video interview, the 17-year-old was asked to choose between a number of related things. When it was time to decide between Drake, Eminem, and Childish Gambino she answered without hesitation.

“I was scared of Eminem my whole life. Dude, terrified,” she said, recoiling on the couch as she spoke. “The dude freaked the f**k out of me. Oh my god. But you know Childish Gambino created me.”

“That’s a god, she continued. “You can’t even put him in a list with other people.”

Elsewhere, she chose Biggie over Jay-Z and Tupac, even though the latter’s “vibe is cooler.”

“Biggie’s voice just feels like a big heavy warm blanket on you,” she gushed, before adding, “which is probably what it feels like if he laid on top of you.”

The anti-pop star also unveiled that she’d love to live in the country with a field full of horses, prefers Star Trek to Star Wars (but only the original), and is not interested in invincibility, though she’d love the ability to fly.

“I’m trying to die one day. I don’t want to live forever. Ugh,” she said. “I’d love to fly; I’ve always wanted to fly. I’ve had so many dreams about flying.” She then got a little pissed about why humans don’t have that ability yet. “Why can’t we fly yet?” she asked. “That’s so stupid. We can fly these big, thousand-pound birds in the sky—planes—but we can’t fly ourselves? That is so stupid.”


Learn even more about Billie by watching the video above.

Article: Katrina Nattress

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