We all know “power couple” Chad & Sophie from Big Brother because their relationship is probably the only reason they’ve made it as far as they have on the show.

Don’t get me wrong, Sophie is a challenge beast but her social skills are left wanting…and Chad?

I don’t think Chad is even playing the game, he’s just there to hang out with his girlfriend.

Chad phoned in to Mitch to Midnight last night and the obvious question hanging in the air was “Are you and Sophie still together?”

and his reply said it all.

We could not see each other until now… it’s been a huge separation between the end of the show and now”. 

Chad says “we’re not official or anything…that separation has been a couple of months”. 


But he went on to to say, this could change and it’s only because they haven’t had a chance to see each other because of COVID-19.

There you have it!

When the three finalists came on Kyle & Jackie O this morning Kyle got straight to the point asking the duo whether they were ‘boning’.

Sophie replied saying “there’s nothing to say”, and Chad confirmed again that it was because of COVID-19 which had kept them physically apart since the show ended.

You can listen to Kyle & Jackie O’s whole interview with Chad, Sophie and Dan below.

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