Big Brother’s Skye Wheatley has recently flown from the Gold Coast to Thailand to fix what she called her “wonky” boobs. The 20-year-old underwent surgery in the heart of Bangkok to align her right 10A and left 10C cups with D’s. 

Her post surgery bandages have now been unravelled to reveal her new chest. Upon seeing her new appearance, Skye told Mail Online “‘Oh my God I love them! Wow, they’re amazing…they feel like balloons.” 

(Before and After Skye Wheatley underwent surgery in Thailand) 

A few moments later however, Wheatley found a lump on her breast and burst into tears. She was reassured by plastic surgeon Dr. Rungkit Tanjapatkuk that the lump was normal post surgery and would go down after massaging. 

‘I love them and can’t wait to play with them, but when I first saw them I burst into tears because my right one, which was the smaller one, had a lump on it.

‘But that’s because the surgeon had to create a pocket between the implant and old breast tissue for the silicone to sit in”. 


Mail Online reported that Skye now hopes that with her new silhouette, she can mirror Lara Bingle’s career in swimwear and underwear modelling. 

‘But I really did this for me because I felt down about my wonky boobs,’she said. ‘I’m grateful for everything I’ve got.’

Source: Mail Online

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