You’d think that being stuck in self-isolation in our homes, barely able to leave, we wouldn’t be too keen to watch a reality show following a very similar premise. Like, we’re basically living this reality show right now.

But the new teaser for the all new Big Brother has just proved us wrong! We honestly couldn’t be more excited for this show to start and it seriously looks like it’s going to be SO GOOD!

Channel 7 released a new teaser over the weekend which not only gave us our first look inside the brand new Big Brother house, but also debuted an all new Big Brother voice!

While we’re used to big brother being a deep, almost seductive voice saying “this is Big Brother” the new voice is lighter, almost British sounding and if we’re honest, reminds us a little of the evil character Moriarty in the series Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Especially as he begins his speech in the teaser:

“I have been watching you Australia,” Big Brother tells us. “You see, I never went away. And now, I am ready to play.”


Big Brother then takes us on a little tour of the house, showing off a pretty lush looking outdoor pool, gym area and even a brand new diary room.

Big Brother also tells us that he’s searched far and wide to find the perfect cast of housemates to play his new game, with hints that we might see someone from the Army, a business person, a yoga fanatic, tradie and someone from the outback.

At the end of the clip, host of the show Sonia Kruger appears and says, “Big Brother, what are you playing at?”

There’s been no start date announced for the new reality show just yet, all we know is that it’s coming soon.

The game will certainly be different this year with episodes pre-recorded rather than live meaning that housemates will now nominate and evict each other from the house. The winner will be decided in a live finale.

Bring it on!

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