Ben Affleck has appeared on HBO chat show ‘Any Given Wednesday” and it was really weird.

A red-faced Affleck ranted about an incident that happened in the NFL last year where it was argued that superstar Tom Brady had deflated a football to gain an unfair advantage.

Affleck had a weird rant saying ”For those of you keeping score at home, I gave exactly 18 f**ks about my Pats. Upon reflection, 12 probably would have been sufficient,” Affleck writes in a message posted on Facebook. “We Boston sports fans have always been known for our subtlety. I love the back and forth.”

He admits he went too far when defending his team but he doesn’t regret speaking on the show.

The problem is, he was slurring his words and allegedly was drunk on the show but sources close to him have told TMZ he was stone cold sober.

The sources also said the rant came about as he and Simmons got into a heated debate before the cameras started, which rolled at 11AM.

We are a bit worried about you Ben..


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