Over the past week we’ve been keeping you informed about Belle Gibson, the cancer survivor who chose to shun traditional treatments such as chemotherapy in favour of natural therapies and then started the very successful healthy food app, The Whole Pantry.

Concern was sparked when it was allegedly revealed that Gibson had failed to hand over any of the $300,000 promised to various charities and organisations.

Then, we were concerned to discover that many people close to Gibson had concerns over the legitimacy of the cancer claims. They said she was always very vague with the details, failing to name her doctor and other integral details.

So, what’s the latest?

Amid the controversy that the mother-of-one is facing, she has reportedly fled the country.


Today, The Daily Mail reported that a friend had admitted that the blogger may have flown to the US to avoid confronting the various damaging claims.

Gibson has made her social media channels such as Instagram private and hasn’t posted anything since March 8.

Images via Instagram

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