If you ever needed confirmation that you are way too good for Locky Gilbert than having a rendezvous with Miley Cyrus’s ex Cody Simpson is the way to go.

Varelis’s roommate and fellow ex-contestant Bec came on Kyle & Jackie O and alluded that the rumours were NOT true, listen to her deny  them below.

So imagine our surprise when we found out the Bella is now opening up about her fling with the Aussie star.

Talking to Life Uncut, Bella revealed “I might have had a thing with Cody, like one night, a very long, long, long time ago.”

“He bought me a rose and then slow danced with me around Mrs Sippy in Double Bay.”

“Literally that was it, it was just that one night – we had a little bit of a sleepover – but no that was literally it.”


Excuse me?? Bella?? Where the heck was this hot goss when you were on our show?!

I guess she was too busy spilling a whole of a heck lot of other tea.

You can catch up with what she said on air here:

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