Ever made a big mistake?
A $50,000 one? 

Bec Judd joined Jase & PJ during their 56 hour marathon to chat about her surprise and disappointment after finding out that her Range Rover was too big to fit in her garage.

Yes, you heard that right – Bec “couldn’t even get the nose in” when she tried to drive her luxury vehicle into the garage of her Brighton home.

However, she takes full responsibility, explaining that she and Chris didn’t think to measure the garage when looking at houses back in early 2018.

“When you go to home inspections, you never think to drive your cars into the garage to see if they fit or not,” Bec admitted.

“If you’re listening, measure the garage!”

The only way they could fix the problem was by forking out $50,000 to “knock out a column” so they could drive in and out. However, it was completely worth it with the 3pm Pickup star admitting that “it wouldn’t be a dream home if the cars were on the street!”


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