When Bec Judd joined Jase & PJ for some Champaign Breakfast, she had the answer to one of the problems we have all faced in our daily lives.

PJ had a listener contact her asking for some advice with a very common issue;

“Hey guys, I’ve been friends with this girl for 5 years now, but the older I get, the more I realise we’re actually at really different stages in our lives.

“I think she’s a bad influence, and someone I just don’t want to associate with anymore.

“How can I do the friend breakup, do I slowly phase her out, or straight up tell them?

It’s something we’ve all faced in our lives – what do we do with that friend that we no longer want to see?

Turns out, the friend breakup is a completely normal thing! PHEW!!


“I didn’t know friend breakup was a thing,” Jase said.

“But I get it, and I reckon a lot of it would be when people in the group start having kids.”

Bec offered her experience in the classic ‘friend breakup’:

“Yeah, but you can’t cut someone off totally because then, once they have a baby, they’re back in,” she said.

When her friends starting having children as well, she added “and then they said ‘oh my god, we didn’t realise, total lack of support it’s so hard.’ But I think if someones a bad influence, I think you’ve got to get rid of them. But I’d never actually say to someone, I’d never actually break up with them.

“Would you phase them out,” PJ wanted to know.


“I would do the complete Ignore. I’ve done it before.”

“What do you mean?!”

“So when they email, when they text, when they DM, just do not get back to them!” Bec added.

“Cut them off.”

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