It looks like President Barack Obama and the first lady Michelle have been hitting the US talk shows this week with some interesting results. 

Jimmy Kimmel put the heat on the American politician by making him read out ‘mean tweets’ this week. 

While mean tweets is a segment often aimed at celebrities with less political influence, Obama took up the challenge with some amusing results. 

Eric Matthews who blamed Obama for the rising price of alcohol has since been given a reason to thank the president, after his local bottle shop gifted him an assortment of free alcohol after the segment went to air. 


Do you think if we tweeted to Tony Abbot we could get the same kind of reward??? 

While all this was happening Michelle Obama was on The Ellen Show promoting her new ‘Let’s Move / Give Me Five Challenge’ campaign, aiming for celebrities and people to reach out with five ways they are living a healthy and active lifestyle to combat obesity in the USA. 

And we all know she is living and breathing her own advice… so after embarassing Ellen in a push up competition, the duo went on to dance it out to ‘Uptown Funk’ with the So You Think You Can Dance All Stars. 

She even lost her mic pack from all the hip thrusts….

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