A chilling video diary has been revealed of prisoner Andrew chan talking to his 15-year-old self. 

In Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program it is revealed that Chan writes, “Your family and your friends are heartbroken and your life will be ended by a firing squad… This happened to you because you thought taking drugs was cool.”

“Underneath, you’re not a bad person and drugs made you different.”

Chans letter will be used in a upcoming drug education film. 

He further goes on to explain the agony he has put his family through,  

“I have missed weddings. I’ve missed funerals and the simple presence of my own family. The hurt and pain – I don’t just put it on to myself. But the pain I put on my family is agonising. 

“A simple touch, such as a hug, is not possible for a condemned man like me. I have nothing but an iron bar to hug rather than to be embraced by those I love and who I miss.”


Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are currently awaiting confirmation of their execution date on Nusakambangan Island. It is expected that their families will be able to visit them on the Island one last time before it happens. 

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