What is going ON with Bachelorette Becky Miles?

She came on Kyle & Jackie O last week and confessed she was sliding into her runner-up Adrian’s DMs after getting dumped by winner Pete 3 days after production ended.

You can hear her full interview here:

Now Adrian Baena, 26, uploaded a BRUTAL video on his Instagram where he spills that he dated Becky for three days too before they called it quits!


“After the show, Becky called me up. She was crying and that. She said what happened between her and Pete.”

“I think that Becky deserves so much better than that.”

“So me and Becky, we kept in contact. Then we decided ‘What the heck!’ let’s meet up, let’s see what happens. I went in with an open mind. What did I have to lose, nothing.”

“It was really good, we had an amazing three days together. But to be honest, it was just sad.”

“It was kind of like when you are with your ex-girlfriend, and you are looking at her, and you used to have something special, but it’s just not there anymore.”


“My heart wasn’t in it anymore. When she picked old mate I just took a massive step back.”

“With me and Becky now, we are super close, and I said let’s just be friends. We can be great friends. Who knows what the future holds, but right now I don’t see her as anything else than a friend.”

“I don’t want to be someone’s second choice. I know who I am and I know what I deserve. To me I am a ten, and I deserve that, and. I want to be someone’s first choice.”