You guys might not remember her from her original run on Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor.

She was part of the trio that were labelled that season’s “villains” but she wasn’t successful in finding love which was totally unfair because she didn’t even GET A DATE WITH HIM.


But it was for the best because he ended up being a boy who couldn’t make a decision.

-insert eye roll-

However she returned for the following season of Bachelor in Paradise for her redemption and boy did she get a GREAT story arch.

Pairing up with Jules Bourne who had major commitment issues and many a red flag, she dumped him in reunion finale and immediately became my feminist icon. 


“I need some sort of line, or some sort of closure. I was in love with you and I need something…sometimes you have to be like, OK, this is a cycle. It’s going to continue and actually I’m the only person who can change this”.

She brought a tear to many Australian’s eyes and became a bloody inspiration.

Over the weekend, both she and the Bachelor in Paradise Instagram pages announced her return and the people are cheerin’!



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