Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt’s breakup has been all over the internet in the last few weeks.

The ‘have they, haven’t they’ until the final ‘they have’.

Carlin uploaded a series of Instagram stories on Wednesday discussing how he was dealing with the anxiety he woke up with that morning. 

“I’ve woken up feeling quite anxious…I have that feeling of tightness in my chest”.

He described some of the symptoms he’s feeling and how he’s managing it, by “I’m figuring out that it’s important to be honest with myself… to not beat myself up, to try take myself out of my head and focus on breathing”.

It’s an important message he’s delivering, to speak openly about mental illness especially in males.

He briefly talks about his breakup with Angie too “Having gone through a break definitely takes a toll on you… you try and suppress those feelings…you do need to feel it…you do need to heal”.


You can watch his whole story series below, we hope he can work through his feelings and heal himself up.

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