Reality TV bachelor Sam Wood has bent the rules to avoid an elimination after dramatically walking out during a crisis of indecision.

Viewers were left frustrated as Wood broke into a sweat during Wednesday’s elimination on the Network Ten reality show and asked for a moment to collect his thoughts.

The pondering on who to boot from the mansion weighed on him and in the end, contestants Nina Rolleston, Rachel Moore and Sarah Mackay were given an unexpected reprieve with all three ending up with roses when there were only two to hand out.

Australia was left divided over Wood’s indecision during the tense episode.

“Bachie maths goes bust,” tweeted Amanda Harrison.

Simmy was incredulous. “So he ends up giving all three of em roses? Really?”

Others were impatient.


“Oh for god’s sake, just flip a coin! Let’s keep this show rolling, people.” tweeted Samara McCann.

Some were disappointed the overly dramatic music was matched with a storyline that failed to deliver the required dose of drama.

“He’s giving them all roses. This is not the controversy you have promised me, Bachie,” Jodi McAlister wrote.

Nina was especially bitter intruder Lana Jeavon-Fellows returned from a one-on-one date with Wood with a rose.

Lana, a 27-year-old communications assistant, had gotten along with Wood like a house on fire and left the bachelor wondering how quickly one could fall in love.

She impressed him as she uttered a couple of words in Spanish and they fed each other sushi.


Meanwhile, Nina was seething and even had a sob session on the couch, upset she had not been given the chance to have a date with Wood and show him more of her personality.

“Its just been stolen away from me by an intruder,” she said, wiping tears.

“I hate that intruders have come in. I hate that.”

Some viewers felt sorry for her but others were put off by her sense of entitlement.

“Nina is upset that Sam, her non-exclusive boyfriend, is dating another woman #twistedlogic,” tweeted Annie.

“Don’t usually watch #TheBachelorAU but why does Nina feel entitled to a date? Did I miss a rule that says everyone must get an equal number of dates?” tweeted Dr Ness.


Another viewer Angie Bee was unimpressed.

“Shut up, Nina. If intruders didn’t come, you still may not have a rose. You’re childish and whiney.”

* The Bachelor returns to Ten on Thursday at 7.30pm (AEST).