The original Bachelor, Tim Robards and his winning lady Anna Heinrich have just arrived as two intruders into Channel Ten’s ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’. However the super loved up couple known for flaunting their romantic dates and joint work outs on social media have promised they will tone down the PDA (public displays of affection) behaviour for the rest of the contestants.

Anna said “We know that we’re part of a bigger group and we can’t just isolate ourselves from the other people. We have to be part of the team, even though we’re going in as a couple.”

The 9 other celebs who are desperately homesick and missing their loved ones will now have to survive not only South Africa’s outback but Tim and Anna’s hand holding. 

This ‘joint at the hip’ notion is something Tim brought to the negotiation table when agreeing to go on the show in the first place. Tim revealed that he wouldn’t have signed on for reality series unless Anna was going with him!

He knows it means they will face a few challenges together. 

“There will probably be a few tantrums and stuff.” 


“Relationships are all about challenges and we’ll have plenty of those. When you’re challenged, if your values are aligned and you’re in love, you come out stronger.”

The couples routine back home in Sydney revolves around intensive training and adhering to a strict diet, something that will be almost impossible to stick to while in the jungle! 

The other contestants are feeling uneasy about Tim and Anna’s arrival already, Lauren Brant said “First of all, they’re a couple — that’s a massive advantage. The other thing, which is huge, is that they’ve been watching the show before they came in.”

Source: Channel 10

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