This season of The Bachelor has been the hardest to pick yet. Each week we seem to think we know for sure who’s won, but each week it changes. It’s even been reported that Bachelor Sam Wood goes to great lengths to hide his secret meetings with the winner, by texting his friends some photos and getting them to upload them and tag him in, in a bid to throw the paparazzi off his scent.

This may seem a little extreme, but everyone is SO desperate to know the result that Sam and many of the Bachelor girls have been followed since the show aired.

This morning, Sam Wood appeared on our KIIS Melbourne breakfast show and was played the audio where Heather spoke to KIIS and said that she’d found ‘not only a good friend, as well as a partner…’

Live in studio, Sam visibly went red-faced, and was momentarily lost for words.

All he managed to get out was, “I haven’t heard that before!’



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