Bachelor In Paradise’s Elora Murger has slammed her co-stars for only being interested in sex, not finding love.

In an interview with E! Australia, the 30 year-old said: “People were sleeping around, but I didn’t feel any love there at all.”

“I didn’t see and I didn’t feel any real love there,” added Elora, who spent just two days in Paradise after arriving in the final week.

Prior to the reunion airing, Elora reaffirmed that “none of them” are still together after filming the show late last year.

“It’s so embarrassing for the producers, especially because Bachelor in Paradise likes to portray itself as more serious and wholesome than MAFS,” a source close to the show confessed. 


Former contestant Keira Maguire made similar comments, claiming that sexual activity was so prevalent in Paradise that producers made sure there were condoms in every room. 

“I was like ‘Oh my God, I know you’re trying to practice safe sex’ – but really!” she said on her podcast, The Buzz.

In last night’s episode, it was revealed that all the couple’s in the show have separated, with the show’s male contestants taking most of the blame for why their relationships didn’t work out.

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