A mum who set up an Instagram account and photographs her baby in fashion outfits and swimwear has been slammed by other users for sexualising her young daughter.

Amy McIndewar, from Scotland, has posted images of Mya Byrne since she was just a few weeks old last May and has now amassed 122,000 followers on Insta.

The images have attracted attention from Khloe Kardashian who liked one of Mya’s photos a few weeks ago.

Some users have suggested the shots are inappropriate as she is dressed in swimming costumes with her mouth open, however, her mum says ”I am very proud of her. I love seeing all the comments about her on Instagram.”

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Continuing she says ”I have had a few negative comments from people saying I am sexualising her but I disagree. With one negative comment comes hundreds of positives. Some people don’t get what I am doing.”


Amy has said that she would continue to take photos until Mya asked her not to.

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Dr Petya Eckler told ”The Sun” that it does ”raise issues regarding privacy and boundaries and whether children should be on Instagram or not.”

Eckler says that it isn’t the Childs worry as this case ”it is the parents decision.”

I am not sure whether I would want my kid on Instagram but.. it’s the parents decision. What do you think?

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