There have been rumours for a little while that Sydney’s Wonderland is making a return, after being closed for 12 years this month.

The dreams of many Aussie kids who grew up in the 1980s or 1990s were dashed when Sydney’s Wonderland closed on April 26th 2004 – 12 years ago.

Now, the rumour that it will be revived has instilled Aussies with a new sense of hope – especially now that there’s a dash of Disney on board.

According to a report on Highway Games, the resurrection of Wonderland Sydney is set to get the ‘Walt Disney treatment’ thanks to the appointment of David Bakas, who was the Operations Manager at Walt Disney World in Orlando, to General Manager of Western Sydney Theme Park Pty Ltd.


Bakas is considered to be the theme park guru by many and was apparently handpicked to work on the project by US millionaire property developer, Ammar Khan.

Mr Khan worked at Wonderland for nine years and hopes that the addition of Mr Bakas brings the expertise the team needs to build a new and improved Wonderland for Australians. “We are not trying to recreate a park that failed to stay in business,” Mr Bakas said.

“There will be elements that will remind you of the original park. But why is there a Demon (one of the rides)? Why is he here in Sydney? Everything has a purpose. There will be story-boarding, written scripts, it will have a beginning, a middle and an end.

“That is kind of different to the original Wonderland.

“People come to escape the real world so it has to give a sense of place.”


So, what can we expect from the new park? We only have working titles at the moment, but so far the new name of the theme park will potentially be ‘Worlds of Wonder’.

Worlds of Wonder will include “Sydney’s Wonderland”, “Sydney’s Wilderlands” and two themed on-site resort hotels at a year-round water park facility called “Sydney’s Waterlands”. As reported in our previous coverage, all these parks will be connected by a multi-themed ‘boulevard’ with hotels, cinemas, restaurants and entertainment facilities for guests to enjoy.


Source: Highway Games

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