A few days ago we reported on Belle Gibson, the cancer survivor and founder of healthy app, The Whole Pantry.

Our report was about the fact that Gibson’s business had publically claimed to donate $300,000 to charity organisations – all of which had no record of ever receiving a cent from her.

In our latest report, we discover that the story gets even worse.

The Melbourne-based social media entrepreneur has definitely been after fire, and now five people in her inner circle have expressed concerns about Gibson’s life story and cancer claims.

According to Fairfax Media, some friends of Gibson held an ‘intervention-style’ meeting in her home last year questioning her about her illness. ‘She admitted her diagnosis was questionable,’ said a former friend.

“I asked her when she got her diagnosis, she said she didn’t know. I asked her who gave her the diagnosis, she said Dr Phil. I asked if Dr Phil had a last name she didn’t know, he had apparently disappeared. I asked her where she saw Dr Phil, she said he came and picked [her] up from [her] house.”

This new information follows reports in The Australian that Gibson stated that she may have been misdiagnosed. Previously, Gibson has previously said she had a stroke at 20 and was later diagnosed with a brain tumour before being given just four months to live.


She chose to abandon chemotherapy and radiotherapy in favour of alternative, natural treatments.

Gibson gained a social media following after posting about using nutrition to fight cancer, and soon after launched The Whole Pantry app. She also released a book last year.

Penguin Publishing, who published the book say that they never asked Gibson for any proof of her condition, as they went ahead with the recipe book in ‘good faith’.


A spokesperson said the publishing house would be following up with Gibson.

Gibson has apparently repeatedly refused to address inconsistencies in her life story and illness, as she says that they have no relevance to questions about her charitable donations – or lack therof.

She has also been in talks with Apple about lauching a recipe app for the Apple Watch, but Apple have declined to say whether it stands by Gibson in light of these revelations.

Consumer Affairs Victoria confirmed it was examining Gibson and her companies.

Source: Fairfax Media

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