Love a sanger this sarvo, but feeling rough as guts?

If you don’t understand what we’re talking about, it’s all good because the Oxford Dictionary has released it’s latest list of ‘Australian English’ words.

From your favourite foods (mushies, pavs and savs) to fair dinkum phrases (the night’s a pup – does anyone still use this?!) here are some of the latest Aussie slang to make it in.

Don’t worry, we hadn’t heard of some of them either! Aussie Slang

Lamington Drives: An organized effort to raise money for charity from the sale of lamingtons


Sausage Sizzles: A fundraising or social event at which barbecued sausages served on a slice of bread are sold or provided

Magic Puddings: An endlessly renewable resource

Sanger: A sandwich

Kingie: Short for kingfish

Savs: A saveloy sausage

Sarvo: (often the sarvo or this sarvo) This afternoon


Onya: An exclamation of approval; good on you!

Blood is worth bottling: Someone is extremely valuable and worth preserving

An appeal for rain: An appeal for rain

Rough as guts: Lacking in refinement or sophistication

The night’s a pup:  It is still early

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