Lachlan De Vries, 8-years-old, has now lost both his parents to depression. His father, John, 21, committed suicide when Lachlan was two and his mother, Richelle, 26, did the same March of last year. 

Now Richelle’s fiance Jeremy Di Vries is caring for Lachlan. Jeremy and Richelle were together since October 2012 and were due to marry in December 2014. Lachlan was given Jeremy’s last name ahead of the wedding as Jeremy and Lachlan bonded immediately, those close to Richelle have said that Jeremy is like a father to him. Now, Jeremy is currently in the middle of adopting Lachlan. 

‘Lachlan adores Jeremy and vice versa’, Elise revealed. 

Elise Weller, who was Richelle’s best friend described her as someone who would go above and beyond for the people in her life. 

She told Daily Mail, “She was always the life of the party, very bubbly, infectious smile, infectious to be around.” 


Elise has said that she thinks Richelle never fully healed after the trauma of losing Lachlan’s father. 

Elise has now started a fundraiser to “raise money for Lachlan’s future so it can be a bright one.” 

Richelle was seeking professional help for her depression however her death still came as a huge shock to everyone around her. 

To donate to the fundraiser set up to support Lachlan, visit here.

If you need help, phone Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636

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