He made major headlines over the last few months as the deputy mayor behind ‘that wedding’, which closed a suburban Sydney street and made major waves around Western Sydney.

Now, Salim Mehajer is back in the spotlight for a different reason; he’s been asked by his colleagues to resign from his position as deputy mayor – and he’s declined.

According to a report on ABC, four of Mehajer’s colleagues have called for him to resign from his position. The councillors opposing him have called for an extraordinary meeting for tonight with six items listed on their notice of business, the first? Councillor Mehajer’s resignation.

“We can’t make him leave, but we are asking him to leave and giving basically a vote of no confidence in the council.”

Ms Simms and her three colleagues said Mr Mehajer has a conflict of interest as a developer on council.

They say he has been taking advantage of laws introduced by the State Government in 2012. These laws supposedly allow councillors to vote on amendments to developments, that could in fact serve their own properties.

“Under those 2012 changes, a councillor was able to vote on a Local Environment Plan (LEP) even when they had a pecuniary interest,” Mr Simms said.


“The LEP is what determines how high a building can be — so say a councillor was a developer who proposed a three-storey unit block, they could vote to make that ten storeys.

“They couldn’t vote on the actual development applications when they came before council, but they’ve been able to manoeuvre changes that are certainly favourable for them in the future.”

But the deputy mayor is standing firm, saying that he will not be resigning:

“I will not be resigning and I will not allow anyone into forcing me to resign unjustly,” Mr Mehajer said.

“It is evident that my performance is not in question. The call appears to be a hidden agenda to acquire my position.”

Source: ABC

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