Ariana Grande has taken the reigns of her music career and it’s done numbers for her mental health.

On Wednesday, the 25-year-old singer revealed how her unconventional style to releasing her music — she’s dropped two albums in six months — and overall control in how/when it’s released has made her fall in love with her career all over again.

Ari’s revelation went down after she announced that new music with her best friend and collaborator Victoria Monet is on the way. “man, let’s drop it tomorrow night @VictoriaMonet 🖤 seven rings is ab to be number one for eight weeks and the album might go back to no. 1 too,” she wrote of their soon-to-be-released track. “we need to celebrate tbh ! life too short and too sweet rn. 🧚🏼‍♂️ hmmmmmmm.”

A fan then praised Ari for her “I do what I want” attitude toward her music. “Ariana saying f**k the rules and deciding to release music whenever the f**k she wants / it feels right,” the fan account wrote.

Ariana responded to the comment, explaining her nontraditional strategy all comes down to authenticity. “it feels sm healthier & sm more authentic & rewarding,” she wrote. “regardless of the outcome, i prefer this bc it’s real & feels happy. no games. i love music. i love the ppl i make it w. these past few months made me fall in love w this job all over again. so thank u sm for being down. 🖤🌿.”

Victoria later responded to Ari’s initial tweet about their collab, saying their song should be released on Monday, April 1. “word it’s also like …. not mastered or ready or delivered lmaooo. see, this is why i can’t go on twitter anymore. i get too excited and say sh*t i shouldn’t,” Ariana jokingly replied. “however, monday is soon enough ! we love uuu. 🌑.”


Article: Peyton Blakemore

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