Eyeing off, or should we say, working hard for that pay rise?

Then read on…

The latest annual salary survey from recruitment consultancy Robert Walters, predicts that Australians working in technology, infrastructure and corporate governance, are most likely industries to receive a double-digit wage growth in 2017.

Apparently, IT workers or system engineers based in Sydney are estimated to have their salaries increased by 45 per cent this year.

Funds and operational analysis workers in NSW can also expect a 33 percent pay rise.

IT, finance and business sectors will apparently be the huge wage winners in Australia, with the need for more skilled specialists than ever.

“IT professionals with niche and emerging skill sets such as Big Data, DevOps, cyber security and Cloud collaboration were in high demand and could command higher rates of pay in 2016,” the survey found. 


“In 2017 we expect to see similar trends continue Australia-wide, and as demand for emerging skill sets increases and the skill gap widens, this will create a scarcity in the market and companies will need to be prepared to pay higher salaries, focus on flexible work arrangements and have defined career path ways to win over professionals with these specialist skill sets.”

But where are all the available jobs? I hear you ask.

Well according to the research, there will be an increase in hiring across IT, corporate governance and state government infrastructure projects in 2017.

Massive Australia wide projects will also welcome a boom in jobs for construction and engineering professionals.

So I guess if you don’t work in any of these industries, you may want to start job-hunting!


Source: News.com.au


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