While we still have a while to go to Halloween, we think we’ve already found two contenders for the title of WORST costumes ever!

For those who don’t mind showing off a bit of skin, one website is offering a “Unisex Call Me Caitlyn” costume.

Describe as the perfect costume for those who want some “Vanity”, the outfit is taken from Caitlyn Jenner’s now famous Vanity Fair cover.

According to Wholesale Halloween Costumes, the outfit is a guaranteed “show stopper”.

“This ensemble is designed after the one worn by the newly transformed Olympic gold medalist as she made her debut on the cover of a magazine and will make you the top news story of the night when you show up to party dressed as her,” the site explains.

But not to be outdone, Costumeish has released a “Lion Killer Dentist” Halloween costume based off the death of Cecil the Lion.


Complete with blood splatters and decapitate lion’s head, it’s certain to give the Caitlyn Jenner design a run for the title of most inappropriate.

And if the costume isn’t enough to convince you, the description on the site might:

“All Doctor Palmer wanted was to hang dead animals in his house, but what started as an obscure (if legally-dubious) hunting trip has since erupted into a brouhaha of trans-Atlantic proportions,” the site writes.

“2015’s most controversial killing has laid bare the rift in American and Zimbabwean attitudes toward exotic game hunting and animal conservation pitting an outraged mob against a Minnesotan dentist in a scandal sure to be remembered for a generation.”

Wonder how many of these we’ll see wandering the street this October?

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