There’s no denying the world of dating has changed recently.

From the internet, to smart phones and online dating apps it’s become even easier to connect with potential mates.

But if you’ve ever swiped right on Tinder you’ll know it comes with a downside.

Dick pics.

We’re guessing when they first thought to put a camera on a phone they never imagined just where that camera would end up.

But have you ever asked “why?!”.

Well Metro has done just that and apparently this is why guys think unsolicited pics of their manhood are a totally acceptable tool to find a ‘mate’.


Psychologist and dating coach Jo Hemmings says it’s a “crude ‘mating device'” that helps cut to the chase.

“The technology is there, so they use it to show what they’ve got to offer, assuming women will be impressed by their manhood,” she says.

“In their naiveté, they’d obviously like to see a picture of you naked, so why wouldn’t you want to see the same?”

So what do the guys on Tinder have to say?

Apparently Hemmings is right… oh and sometimes they’re just “bored”. Yep, you read that right.

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