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A new phone app has been created which allows the user to get to know their own anatomy better, through the use of their smart phone.

Called Labella, the idea behind it is for women get to know their bodies in a way that feels comfortable and knowledge driven.

Studies show that an alarming number of females are inadequately informed about the appearance and function of the female anatomy. This, along with the social taboo surrounding female genitalia has led to many women feeling uncomfortable when it comes to caring for and being aware of their intimate parts.

The creators of Labella hope that the app will help to break the cycle of bodily taboos that are barriers to knowledge and self care, while also improving women’s comfort and esteem within a clinical environment – such as at their next smear test.

This could potentially even lead to a decline in the number of women getting diagnosed with cervical cancer. If women are more at ease with the topic and comfortable enough to get their regular pap smear tests done, any early signs of pre-cancerous cells can often be found and treated before too late.


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