Well surprise, surprise. MAFS was just rocked by yet ANOTHER cheating scandal.

Only this time around we didn’t see it coming at all because it wasn’t something between two contestants! Nope, this scandal involves an outsider. And TBH we have no freaking clue whether there’s much truth to it either.

It all came to a head at the dinner party tonight when Michael, AKA the wicked witch of the west, decided to stir up the pot once again instead of, oh I don’t know, focusing on his own shambles of a marriage.

Anyway, Michael actually ended up accusing Aleks of cheating on Ivan with a guy she met outside of the Married At First Sight experiment in Sydney! But don’t be fooled, it’s not as plain and simple as that. Nope, things got reaaaaaal messy at this dinner party.

So basically it all began when Michael decided that he was going to confront Aleks in the middle of dinner about the fact that she has decided she doesn’t really have romantic feelings for Ivan.

He thinks that she led him on because he’s under the impression that Aleks slept with Ivan during their brief time as husband and wife.

Aleks, who has previously explained just how uncomfortable she feels about discussing such a subject, tries to shut Michael down on multiple occasions but of course he won’t stop running his mouth.


Aleks claims she never told anyone that she slept with Ivan and instead says they may have been confused by her use of the term “intimate” claiming that all she’s done with Ivan is pash him.

We literally feel so juvenile even writing this because honest to damn god, WHO CARES whether Ivan and Aleks have slept together yet or not?! Like why is this such a big deal and why does it seem to be everyone’s business? But we promise we’re only bringing this part of the dinner party up because it all leads to the climax of the dinner party.

So eventually Aleks gets so fed up with Michael’s personal questions that she gets up and leaves the room in tears (God damn you Michael!) and Ivan follows her to comfort her.

Now this is when we learn of this supposed cheating scandal. With Aleks out of the room, Michael decides to bring up the fact that he’d ran into Aleks in the lobby of their hotel the night before and he claimed that she was on the way home from a date with a bloke that she’d met in Sydney.

Of course, while us viewers sitting at home are VERY quick to shout “bullsh*t” at anything Michael Goonan says, Mishel then jumps in and actually adds some sort of proof to the story.

She tells us that one weekend her and Aleks went to a Serbian event together where they met this guy that drives a ferrari, or as she put it, “some wanker that’s got a car”, and he seemed to really like Aleks.


Okay… So that does seem a little suss! But then when Aleks rejoins the group and she hears what Michael has been saying, she’s very quick to shut it down.

Not only does she tell Michael that he’s lying by claiming that she’s cheated, but she explains to the whole group what really happened. Aleks claims that she went to a restaurant with a girl that she’d met at this mysterious Serbian event with Mishel and that while they were there, the 50-year-old male owner came and sat down with them. That’s it, in her opinion.

Anyway, as if this wasn’t enough to rock the dinner party, the conversation then returns back to Aleks and Ivan’s sex life and whether or not they’ve done the deed. Only this time Josh also chimes in.

He claims that he and Michael both know for a fact that Aleks and Ivan have slept together, and that Ivan actually called them both before the dinner party asking them to bring it up so that everyone could find out the truth… Honestly what is happening.

Aleks gets so fed up after hearing this that she storms out, but before she can up and quit the experiment altogether Ivan chases after her and leaves with her, claiming that Josh and Michael are telling lies.

So like we said, we never could have seen a cheating scandal quite like this one coming. And TBH we have no idea what actually happened and what didn’t happen. There was just a LOT of yelling and it was kind of hard to concentrate while we were consuming our popcorn and wine from our couch at home…


But now we are left with so many questions… Did Aleks meet up with another guy? Did Ivan really ask Josh and Michael to deliberately bring up his sex life with Alexs? Was it all a move to throw them under the bus and look like a hero to Aleks? So. Many. Questions…

Either way, we don’t think things are looking great for Aleks and Ivan at the next commitment ceremony.

Oh and Michael? Can you please just like, mind your own damn business from now on? Australia would appreciate it.

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