Angie Kent is officially in love after choosing Carlin on The Bachelorette finale last night.

Of course choosing Carlin meant that she had to let go of her relationship with fan favourite of the series Timm, leaving him and the whole of Australia rather heartbroken.

Angie herself was pretty distraught over the moment too, breaking down in tears as she told Timm he wasn’t the one. And it turns out it was no easier the second time around, admitting this morning that she broke down once again watching the episode last night.

Angie and Carlin both joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat about the season, when we asked whether they had watched the finale last night together.

“Yeah we did,” they told us.


“Were you upset watching it?” Beau Ryan, who was filling in this morning, asked Angie.

Angie admitted that even though she was sitting there watching with Carlin, she got really emotional reliving her break up with Timm.

“Oh yeah! I’m one of those people, I will tell you exactly how I’m feeling,” Angie said. “I will cry, I will be emotional. I can’t hide or anything like that.

“So I did, I broke down again. I was very emotional just because watching it was, it’s awful.”

“Yeah you know you’ve broken someone’s heart,” Jackie added.


Earlier in our chat, Angie admitted that it was incredibly hard to let go of her final three guys because she was in love with a part of each of them.

“Part of me fell in love with all a part of all of them,” she said.

As for whether she’s had any contact with Timm since the finale, Angie admitted that she has messaged him but Carlin is fully aware of it.

She says she feels like Timm is almost her best mate now, which is quite nice to see that there’s no hard feelings here.

“Timm and I have spoken a lot,” Angie admitted. “Carlin knows this, reaching out mainly just to see, he checked on me to see how I was, he tells me what he’s up to. It’s very, very friendly.”


“I did say Timm was my soul mate you know, I have soul mates, Yvie is my soul mate, I have best friends that are my soul mate. I think it came down to the fact that Timm was my soul mate, he was my best friend.”

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And if you’re wondering what happened to the ring that Timm gave Angie, because it was noticeably missing when Carlin gave her his ring, Angie reavealed that she did in fact keep it as a memento of their time together.

“I’m only wearing Carlin’s ring, but Timm gave me that gift and it’s my gift and it’s something to remember him by. Not as a romantic thing but as our time together,” Angie revealed.

Well there you go it really is a happily ever after here for Angie and Carlin, and even for best mate Timm who has likely made lifelong friends out of both of them.


Check out our full chat with Angie and Carlin in the podcast below!